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Speech therapy is a wide-ranging field that can help with various factors influencing how your child speaks and communicates. At Handprints Therapies, we offer speech therapy sessions for children of any age.

Who Benefits from Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy can benefit any child who experiences difficulties expressing their wants or needs, transferring information, or demonstrating social closeness and social politeness. Speech therapy sessions can address problems with comprehension, cognition, oral and written expression, speech production, and feeding/swallowing in children of all ages.

At Handprints Therapies, we take pride in our multidisciplinary approach to pediatric therapy. Our therapists actively work as a team during your child’s therapy sessions, effectively “co-treating” any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Our multidisciplinary model means that speech therapy, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy may overlap with behavioral therapy to provide the best quality of care for your child. Therapists gain a comprehensive understanding about your child by working alongside other disciplines to best support your child’s needs throughout the day.

Collaboration can look like a speech language pathologist providing articulation services and the ABA therapist carrying over these skills during communication activities, effectively approaching the communication barrier in a multitude of ways.

Goals of Speech Therapy

Your child’s goals will change and evolve over their sessions as their therapist(s) actively evaluate their progress and needs. As your child continues to meet their goals, goals will be progressed and new goals identified. We value feedback from families and caregivers as well, and incorporate this feedback into our goal-setting and session planning.

Speech Therapy Parent Training

To help the progress made during speech therapy sessions carry over into the home and accelerate the rate of progress through consistent practice, our therapists also offer speech therapy parent training. This equips parents and caregivers with the skills and methods they need to help their child continue building on their speech therapy sessions at home. Your child’s speech therapist will work with you to provide this training and help you feel confident in continuing the exercises outside of official sessions.

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