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What is School Readiness?

School readiness is a specific type of therapy program intended to reflect the environment that your child will experience in the classroom.

By structuring these therapy sessions to more closely mirror a school or classroom setting, our therapists are able to better prepare your child for the adjustment to school life and the structure that entails.

At Handprints, we understand that transitioning to school is a big endeavor. It means a whole new set of rules and environment to navigate. This can be a big adjustment for most kids, but it can be especially challenging for those diagnosed with ASD and developmental disabilities.

What Skills Are Prioritized in the School Readiness Program?

Our School Readiness program is designed to target the skills that are essential for success in the classroom. We set up our clinic to mimic a preschool setting, which allows our learners to develop their skills in the natural environment and our teaching to be most effective. We also provide family guidance and care coordination with your child’s school when applicable.

During School Readiness programs, our therapists will focus on the following areas with your child:

  • Group instruction
  • Following routines
  • Independence
  • Self advocacy

Because the environment of school is different from what they’re used to at home, some of these skills may be unfamiliar to your child. Learning to follow instructions as a group will help them participate in classroom activities. When one-on-one attention is not available.

Focusing on independence and self-advocacy skills also helps empower your learner with the tools necessary to ask for and receive help when they need it.

Interested in enrolling your child in School Readiness programs? Contact our therapists!