What Is Early Intervention?

Research in pediatric therapy has shown that early diagnosis and interventions for autism have major long-term, positive effects on a child’s development of functional skills and milestones. Early intervention therapy is a method to address delays in your child’s development and support their growth and learning long-term.

Is There A Recommended Age Range for Early Intervention Therapy?

At Handprints Therapies, we target our Early Intervention therapy programs at children between the ages of 1-4 years old. Research has shown that this age range is when the Children under the age of 3 who are experiencing developmental delays are the most likely to be candidates for our Early Intervention program. According to the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics, children under this age who receive early intervention therapy are given the best chance of developing to their full potential by giving them the best start possible.

Can I Enroll My Child In Early Intervention If They Are Over 4 Years Old?

If your child is over the age of 4, they are likely a better fit for our School Readiness program.The School Readiness program prioritizes foundational skills that are necessary to be successful in a classroom setting. Learn more about school readiness therapy programs at Handprints.

How Many Hours Are Required?

Early Intervention programs are usually paired with intensive treatment hours, ranging from 20-40 hours per week depending on your child’s needs. We recognize that this number requires a large commitment, however, these long treatment hours allow for more teaching opportunities and will be tailored to your child’s needs. This extended time with our therapists will allow goals to be reinforced more frequently throughout the day.

Interested in enrolling your child in Early Intervention programs? Contact our therapists!